Skincare Saviours for Acne Prone Skin

Remember our teen years? Those horrible cringe-fest years of bad hair choices, worse clothes choices and spending at least 60% of the time crying over absolutely nothing.

I also had to wear a headbrace and had cystic acne... WHY puberty gods were you so cruel?

It literally took me years to sort out my acne, and nowadays I'm all about those skincare goals. I'm always researching new options, trialling products and finding out the best products to keep my skin in tip top.

Below are four products which are absolute staples for keeping my oily breakouts at bay, and I really hope they help anyone who is having similar issues with their skin. 

Estee Lauder Idealist
'Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher' (£61 for 50ml)

Great for: a quick fix for large pores / uneven skin textures

It's hard to justify a product which costs £61 unless it's made out of rainbows and turns you into Adriana Grande. 

Whilst it sadly doesn't do that, this serum basically acts as the best primer ever, evening out your skintone and giving your skin that soft focus silky finish. It hides a multide of sins and gives the perfect base to apply my foundation and hide all my acne / damage. It definitely doesn't have any long term effects, but for that extra bit of confidence on a bad skin day, I love it.

Sanctuary Spa
5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask (£10 for 100ml)

Full review of the Sanctuary Thermal mask review over at

Great for: sore / inflamed breakouts

This self heating mask has been a staple for 2 years; every time I'm having a break out, I throw on this self heating charcoal mask to open my pore and draw out impurities. 

I really like this because my breakouts tend to be really sore and inflamed, so the myrrh essential oils in the mask removes excess oil but leaves skin soothed and calm

La Roche-Posay
 Anthelios XL (50ml for £16.50)

Great for: protecting your skin without blocking your pores 

A weird choice to include, but I've always found heavy SPFs so thick that they block my pores and give me the mother of breakouts. 

This lotion soaks straight into the skin though, leaving no sheen at all and  it doesn't clog the pores up whatsoever, all whilst protecting your skin with SPF 50+

Whilst on the steep side for a sun lotion, it's really important to protect your skin every day with SPF, and this one is absolutely fantastic for giving you the protection you need without breakout. 

Eau Thermale Avene
Gentle Purifying Scrub (£10 for 50ml)

Great for: removing excess oil 
I find some exfoliators can be too harsh on the skin, which can make my skin freak out and produce even more oil to try and counteract the sudden oil stripping. 

This scrub is great for stripping out excess oil without aggravating the skin or making it too sensitive. 

Hope these help! I'd also love to hear what your favourites products are so I can give them a go for 'those days'. 

Struggling with Weight Gain

Since as long as I can remember, I've always had an unhealthy obsession with food.

Growing up, I would often skip breakfast, scrimp on lunch (I lived on 23 calorie salads...), then when I got home I would devour everything in sight. My binging habits were so extreme I can think of quite a few times I ate so much in one sitting I would actually end up throwing up.

Typically every night I would eat about 13 packets of crisps with a few chocolate bars. Straight after my binge, I would then feel awful, so would compensate by starving myself the next day in a never ending cycle.

In my 'compensating' periods, I became obsessed with exercise, insisting on runs, workouts, and walking everywhere. I would quite often walk two hours a day and then do a workout as soon as I got home on barely any calories. This would last for a while and then of course I would secretly end up having a massive binge. I actually didn't think there was anything wrong with this behaviour, because I remained within the normal weight range and I constantly got compliments on my figure and how 'healthy' I appeared.

Fast forward to college, I got a new boyfriend who lived on takeaways and it wasn't long before I was eating a huge pizza and chips every night washed down with full fat energy drinks. Non surprisingly I felt constantly lethargic, exhausted and even had cuts along my mouth because I was so deficient in vitamins. I piled the weight on very quickly and it wasn't long before I was overweight. 

After we split up, I decided to totally change my life around and concentrate on being healthy. I stocked up on veg, swapped all my rubbish for low calorie options and never ever ate takeaways. The weight dropped off and I felt so confident, I had loads of energy and felt so positive.

I then moved to London on a whim and ended up taking a job in Boots on their operations. This meant I spent about 8-10 hours a day running around and lifting heavy items, and I was burning so many calories that I found I could eat whatever I wanted and not put on a single pound.

That was all great, but when I changed my job to working in an office, I basically kept eating the same things, apart from now I sat on my bum and barely moved an inch all day. Within a year, I had put on two stone, and recently I have entered the 'obese' category for my weight.

I think the biggest thing is that I now live in London and am in a position where I have the disposable income to eat out all the time. I would say me and my boyfriend eat out or order takeaways at least five times a week. We don't order 'bad' foods - I love sushi, fajitas and French cuisine, but they're still high in calories and as they basically are the staples of my diet it's no surprise it's played havoc with my waist line.

Nowadays, I feel so frumpy and like I've completely 'let myself go'. I actually have genuine dread going to places where I might have to get my photo taken, and feel embarrassed if I bump into people I haven't seen in a while. I'm hoping though to get myself back on track this year and hopefully that I will feel a lot more confident and healthy as a result.

Anyway I just wanted to share this because I think we all have that feeling that we need to have our shit together all the time, but it's good to remind ourselves that we're only human and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break then try to get back on track.

I also wanted to share this because not everything is always as it seems. In a time of life when my food habits were at their worst I had so many comments on how great I looked and how healthy I was. In reality, I was locked in a cycle of restricting / binging and was completely miserable.

Overall, health is the most important thing, and if you can get that right the rest can fall into place. Do you have have a similar experience? If you do I'd love to hear about it below

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Rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion

Two months after getting my nose sliced and diced, I thought hey why not write a blog post announcing it to the whole world?*

* The three people who will probably ever stumble on this post.

I did think about pulling a celeb pro move and pretend I was born with it....but then I thought about all the help I've had from all the amazing people I've found on Instagram and Realself, and if I could also help one person make an informed decision that would make me very happy.

It's still early days (it takes a year for the nose to settle) but overall I'm very happy with the outcome of my surgery. If you're thinking of rhinoplasty, my top advice would be to not jump into any rash decisions and make sure you do your research. I've definitely seen more bad surgeries than good, and have lost count of the 'I wish I seen all these bad reviews earlier..' posts.
Before (left) and after (right)

Surgeon: Lucian Ion, based on Harley Street in London, UK
Date of rhinoplaty: 10th Feb 2017
Hospital: Weymouth hospital, London, UK

Costs (currently crying to myself):
Consultation fee: £150 for initial appointment, all other consultations are free
Surgical fees: £5500 for Lucian Ion to perform the rhinoplasty
Anaethetic fees: £550 with Aubrey Bristow

Hospital fees: £1900 for a day case, £2400 for overnight (you must leave by 10am the next day). I was an overnight case and this fee included all my food / drinks.
Hospital medications to take home: £48.50. This included: Co-dydramol, Polyfax Ointment, Tranexamic Acid 500mg, Clexane (enoxaparin) and 20mg Syringe 7s
Extra costs: £47 to measure my heamoglobin levels, £6 for visitors food (which I hear from my boyfriend was absolutely delicious)
Pre-op necessities (vitamins, pillows etc.): £200
Total: £8,901.50

31st May: Booked consultation with Lucian Ion. First available appointment was 8th August.
24th August: Booked my surgery for the upcoming Feb (I wanted to be super prepared). Also booked second consultation for Jan.
9th January: Second consultation
10th Feb: Surgery date


How did you feel going back to work? Was two weeks (the recommended time) long enough?

I actually began working again three days after my operation, but in hindsight I definitely recommend the whole two weeks off as surgery is so emotionally and physically draining.

In terms of bruising etc. I had barely any bruising remaining by pod 7, which was easily covered up by Estee Lauder double wear ;).

Top left: Directly after surgery, Top middle: one day after surgery, Top right: two days after surgery. Bottom left: three days after surgery, Bottom middle: three days after surgery, Bottom right: five days aftter surgery (can't see bruising with makeup by this point).

What is Lucian Ion like?
 Lucian is very polite, knowledgeable, objective, patient and caring. I honestly couldnt say enough positive things about him.

My appointments were fairly short as I didn't have many questions (I had already researched him relentlessly for months by this point...). His aftercare is exceptional and I felt 100% in safe hands.

How did I find the anaethesist?
I had Aubrey Bristow, and I can honestly say he is one of the rudest people I have ever met.

He completely put me on edge and at times made me feel very uncomfortable.He was also quite aggressive in his mannerisms.

I would insist on a different anaethesist and would actually change my op date and pay an extra thousand pounds to avoid having the anaethsist ever again.

How close did Lucian Ion get to your morph?
Morph (left) vs. reality (right)

Were you scared of people noticing? 
I was really nervous but nobody at all guessed in my real life, even people I know intimately and see me every day. My Mam and Dad couldn't tell any difference at all, but then again it wasn't the hugest changes in the whole wide world.

Tips / Advice

Do your research 
Rhinoplasty is a very complex operation and you should spend a lot of time finding the right surgeon. I've seen so many botch surgeries from people who have jumped into surgery, or just went for a big company rather than researching the surgeon themselves.

I recommend checking out Real Self, Instagram rhinoplaty accounts and looking in forums to get a good idea of who might be a good fit.

Make 100% sure they're approved on BAAPS - any surgeon worth their salt should be on here.

Trust your instincts
You should never feel pressured to book surgery or feel uncomfortable in any way. Make sure you're 100% happy.

What to ask your surgeon
  • How many rhinoplasties your surgeon performs a week
  • Examples of before and afters of noses similar to yours, so you can get an accurate idea of what they can do for you
  • Photos of their stitch work if an open rhinoplasty - it should be so pristine you can't even tell it was even cut open
  • If they can offer a morph of your potential results 
  • If they offer aftercare appointments 
  • What to do and who to call if anything goes wrong once you're home
Any questions, please do let me know by emailing me at or please leave a comment below.

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VIDEO: New Look Sale Haul & Try On

It's been about four or five years since I ever stepped foot in New Look.

Recently though I felt like being frivolous and buying lots of new fun pieces which aren't made to last but give your wardrobe a little boost. New Look recently had a sale with up to 70% off, and I thought I would try on all the items that I bought in case anything takes your fancy: 

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