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Maybe if you're a little old lady granny in the internet world you can get a bit lost with all the techy side of blogging. I'm no coding maverick but I have at least learnt the basic of Adwords Keyword planner - - a nifty tool which will help improve SEO on your blog.

Anyway for reasons explained here using the Adwords keyword planner will help you get as many people as you can to your blog, and who doesn't want that?

Step one:
How to use adwords keyword planner step by step over at

Okay first things first, you need to pop your little bum over to I know this step is a bit obvious but you know, we had to start somewhere.

Step two:
How to use adwords keyword planner step by step over at

So next we're going to click on tools then 'keyword planner' so we can start working our magic.

The bit that says 'your product or service' just means a brief description of your post and I've found the best bet is just to have a little play around with different descriptions and see what comes up. I always keep 'landing page' blank and change the target audience to United Kingdom but it's totally up to you.

Step three:

How to use adwords keyword planner step by step over at

Okay, let's start with very first column called 'adword ideas'. This is basically all the keywords that keyword planner recommend you use because these are the keywords that people are you know, actually searching for. They come up with a few suggestions, the amount of people who are searching for that and how much 'competition' you'll have if you decide to make a post using those keywords.

So here we can see the keyword planner reckons I should combining the following terms; 'keyword planner', 'planner adwords', or if I fancy 'adwords tool' because that is what people are actually typing in the Google search bar.

So next I look at the monthly views and competition to help me choose which keywords are a good bet. It's good to choose one set of keywords rather than all of them, using that exact combination over and over and over and over in parts of your post so it gets picked up by the google bots.

Now all we're interested in is finding the keywords which have a high search volume but low competition. Don't worry about anything else, and if all of them are 'high' competition maybe consider trying a different spin to your post.

As we can see here whilst the term 'Adwords tool' has the most searches so might seem like the natural choice, the competition is 'medium' which isn't ideal. On the other hand, whilst the other keywords have had less searches, there is only a 'low' competition, so for that reason I would go for 'planner adwords' as my keywords that I'll use over and over again in my post.

 Once you've decided just click on the blue link.

Step four:

How to use adwords keyword planner step by step over at

Alrighty, we're nearly there. So really all we've done so far is type in a description of our post, choose a keyword group that has high volume search and low competition, then we've clicked on the group we decided go for. Here I can see that most of the traffic came from 'adwords keyword planner' so that's the combination that I will go for but it's totally up to you what you choose.


We finally decided on our keyword group, so now we're going to mention it over and over in our post to make sure it gets picked up. Here's where I suggest you put your keywords:
- the title of your post
- in the actual post, a few times if you can
- in the search description if you're using blogger
- included in the actual URL of your post (if on blogger on the right tool bar go to 'permalink')
- in the alt text of any photos you use

Hope that was helpful and if you have any questions please let me know. Now give yourself a high five and think 'I've.Got.This'.
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  1. Such a useful post! I used to work in SEO so have been using keyword planner for ages but never thought of writing about it!

    Hope to see you soon dear, it's been ages!

    Erin xxx


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