Review: Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

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We all like a shortcut don't we?
Sometimes when I don't want to make the effort to be a proper adult I'll eat crisps for tea and iron my shirt with my hair straighteners. That said, when it comes to my skincare routine I'm all about the commitment, even if I'm super tired and just want to lie down in my orange foundation.
I think this dedication comes from my 'headbrace and acne' days, which believe it or not wasn't a winning combination for me. After lots of trial and error I finally sorted out my skin, and as long as I look after it really well I only get an occasional breakout every now and then (yay).
Anyway, I've been trying a few masks to really up my skincare game and decided hey, I'll give the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox mask (£10.50) a go because why not? I've never really found a mask that totally blows me away and this one had good reviews, so I decided to buy it and see what I thought.
To cut a long story short this now my must have staple mask, and I can't recommend it enough for problematic/oily skin types.
Firstly, it's a total dream to use, heating up on the skin when you apply it to really draw out your impurities. I've been using this once a week/every fortnight on my oily patches and it's made a massive improvement to the texture and tone of my face. A small amount really went a long way and as it contains charcoal and kaoloin clay it balanced my skin without any redness or sensitivity too.
I absolutely love this mask and can't recommend it enough if you have oily skin that needs a little TLC.
Overall rating: 10/10
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Review: Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

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It's really easy to justify spending a lot on skincare because if a product is going to maybe stop my face dropping into my soup one day it's probably a good investment.

With that thought in mind, I have been trawling my way through a lot of 'high end' skincare bits to see if any of them are worthy of holy grail status and the extra investment. One product that caught my eye was Clinique's 'take the day off' makeup remover because it has a million amazing reviews so how can I miss out on that kind of action? 

I already use No 7's remover and have maybe purchased it eight times because ladies it's THAT good, so anything that was going to contend was going to have a pretty hard job. Still, a girls got to dabble and keep her options open, so after using the entire bottle of Clinique's 'take the day off' remover, I'm back with my full review. 

My first impression with Clinique's 'take the day off' was o.m.g I've made myself blind. I kind of missed the memo that it was silicone based so it slid straight into the creases of my eyes and right into my eyeballs (well done Emma). I found the consistency of the remover very hard to get used to at first because it felt really 'oily' and left a thick residue on my face which was pretty hard to remove. 

 I had to wash my face with a cleanser pretty thoroughly to get rid of the remover but the upside of the formula is that it very quickly removed my makeup. It made my makeup just kind of 'slide' off, ready to be washed away with the remover. I barely had to even apply pressure to remove my makeup; the formula just did absolutely all of the work.  

Overall it does the job of removing makeup really well, but I wouldn't purchase it again. The Clinique remover was quite expensive at £18, and the residue it left was a bit of a faff every morning as it was fairly hard to remove. Still if you had the budget for this and didn't mind the extra work of a silicone formula it is really good at removing makeup. For me though, the No 7 remover is just as good at removing makeup, is only £8.50 and I much prefer the feel of the product on my skin and that it's less work involved. 

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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New In: M.A.C Vibe Tribe Collection



When it comes to present buying my boyfriend has found a trip into M.A.C is the ultimate fail-safe pit stop for panic buying.
 It was recently my birthday which meant the birthday fairy bestowed me with two pieces from the M.A.C Vibe Tribe collection, and of course in true beauty blogging style I had to share my thoughts.
Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in 'Golden Rinse' £26.50
Golden Rinse is described as a 'reddish bronze with fine shimmer' and is the lighter shade of the two in the collection.
 From reading the description I thought this bronzer might be too harsh for my pale skin, particularly as bronzer tends to give me a fake 'orange' look rather than a sun kissed glow. The colour payoff however is very sheer, leaving only a faint flush across the skin. Instead I would describe it is a finely milled shimmer that leaves a luminous, healthy glow to the skin.
If you use a synthetic brush and don't mind sparing the time to pack it on the colour is buildable to the bronze colour it advertises, but even then it remains quite subtle. 
For a darker skin tone it is definitely too sheer to have any real impact. I am however very happy to have this in my collection as it gives me that natural sunkissed look I've tried to replicate for years. If you're pale toned like me then this bronzer is well worth a try, warming up the complexion and leaving a pretty glow to the skin.
127 Split Fibre Face Brush, £30
This is the recommended counterpart to the bronzing powder, featuring a brush head which is one half natural hair, one half synthetic fibre..
The idea is that you can get the best of both worlds in one brush; the natural side providing a 'soft diffused look' and the synthetic side giving a 'polished, luminous complexion'.
The brush itself is very soft and I haven't noticed any shedding which is a definite bonus. I much preferred the synthetic side of the brush as it picked up colour really well, although the natural side will come in handy when I want a very soft flush of colour.
 Picking this brush up simply to use with this powder (as recommended on their site) feels slightly indulgent, and any good quality synthetic brush would work just as well. That being said, I really enjoyed the quality of this brush and I would probably purchase this one first out of my bronzing brushes if I were to start a collection from scratch.

How to Use Adwords Keyword Planner

Maybe if you're a little old lady granny in the internet world you can get a bit lost with all the techy side of blogging. I'm no coding maverick but I have at least learnt the basic of Adwords Keyword planner - - a nifty tool which will help improve SEO on your blog.

Anyway for reasons explained here using the Adwords keyword planner will help you get as many people as you can to your blog, and who doesn't want that?

Step one:
How to use adwords keyword planner step by step over at

Improving SEO Ranking for Blogs

When it comes to blogging I am a little bit of a geek. I actually have a notebook where I write down all the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way, and if that's not overly keen I don't know what is.

Anyway, continuing on with my 'blogging tips and tricks' series, I thought it was time to crack out a post about improving your SEO ranking for your blog. Now I'm no SEO blogging maverick, but I have picked up a few things via blog outreachers, previous employers and other bloggers which I thought I'd share.

improving seo rankings for blogs

Review: Vichy LiftActiv Serum

Image result for vichy liftactiv serum

Since I turned the ripe old age of 25 I'm like 'hey I hear cat pee stops wrinkles, got to get on that trend' and before you know it I'm spending the equivalent of a mortgage on my skincare regime.

Recently I've been all about the serums which are supposed to be full of antioxidants and vitamins to leave my skin looking like I'm basically age 12. The one I recently just finished up was the Vichy Liftactiv Serum (£30) and since it's a little bit more of an investment I thought I'd share my thoughts.

MAC Amber Times Nine Palette Review


 If you're going to splurge on a high end product then live off beans for the rest of the week you've got to make sure it's worth it. Like, if bread and dry cheerios are going to form every meal I eat up until Easter, I want my face to look like goddesses have caressed it.

I recently got the MAC 'Amber Times Nine' palette (£30), and thought yep, this will be the one. It's a beautiful set of nine eye shadows in an array of neutral shades, and I definitely thought I'd fall in love with this and be raving about to everyone.

My relationship with MAC products tends to be like 'OMG you're so perfect why were you not in my life earlier?' but I am sad to report this palette just didn't do it for me.
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