REVIEW: L'Oreal Nude Rose Eye Shadow Palette

Such mixed feelings when your high street makeup poops all over your high end makeup. Like, am I sad inside because I kind of wasted my money? Or am I happy because at least I can repurchase the high street one in the future and be like 'hey girl you saving money like a hustler'. (This is what I tell myself).

Well, this recently happened in the eyes shadow department, where I have been on the lookout for the best one ever to make me look like a fierce megababe.

A current one that crept up on my radar was the L'Oreal Nude Palette because it was new and FULL OF PROMISE so obviously I had to rush out and try it. Well, it didn't disappoint. I bloody love this palette and can confirm it massively outperforms my MAC palette which was twice the price and a tenth of the product. I'll do a full review of my MAC eye shadow palette separately, but to sum up basically the L'Oreal palette is everything the MAC palette should have been, and now I'm all up in here like yo you seen my eyeshadow?

What is so good about this palette, you might be wondering? Firstly, the range of neutrals are gorgeous and the pigmentation is amazing. Like little eye shadow dreams have been made, so maybe a celebatory Mcdonalds is in need.

If you would like to see swatches and a a breakdown of the palette feel free to click the link below.

The breakdown

It has ten shades overall; four of which are matte and six that are shimmers. It also comes with an applicator but it's pretty terrible (I mean, ten shadows for £15, there's only SO much you can expect). The colours themselves don't have names, so for reference I have given them numbers 1-10 from left to right.

Colours 1-5
Colours 3-7

Colours 7-10

Colour 1: a shimmery white colour perfect for highlighting. Good colour payoff which can be rare when it comes to light colours in drug store shadows.

Shade 2: One of my favourites for day to day use, this is a beautiful soft shimmered rose colour.

Colour 3: a matte in a soft muted tone, perfect for inner crease work.

Colour 4: another matte shade, this time in a darker hue to colour 3. This is great for outer crease work or for a smoked eye.

 Colour 5: a peach shimmer with amazing colour pay off. I love the warm tone of this one.

Colour 6: a highly pigmented bronze shimmer.

Colour 7: a dark purple toned matte grey.

Colour 8: very pigmented with lots of reflective particles, making this one perfect for a night time look.

Colour 9: Just look at that colour payoff from one swipe. This one is darkest matte in the collection and would be great as a liner.

Colour 10: a shimmery plum.

The colours are also extremely versatile, buildable and I love that there are four mattes as it makes it perfect for day to day application. They also apply really well, blend beautifully and last all day without the needs for tops ups. I literally can't think of a single negative, and when does that ever happen at emmasblog? Never, let me tell you...

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  1. I'm LOVING this palette! Thanks so much again for getting it for me. I've used it every day since getting it, it's so perfect for work, however, I bet the darker shades would be amazing for a night out too!

    P.S - These photos are amazing, what camera are you using? <3

    Christina Marie x (

    1. No problem lovely! I'm love it too, it's such a good palette!

      The camera is the Nikon D3300 - it's a little hard for me to use at the minute as I'm still learning and naff with cameras, but when it works out the quality is so fab

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