Monday, 19 March 2012

Red Glitter Lips

There was once upon a time when I thought nothing of going to college wearing a lime green eyeshadow and red lipstick combo. One day I realised I was treading into dangerous looking-like-a-drag-queen-territory, and slowly but surely I became the most boring girl with my makeup, rarely going beyond a red lip for a special occasion.

When it came to the "glamour" module of my makeup course, the criteria was big and bold. It was so fun experimenting beyond the realms of my everyday makeup routine, and it brought me back to how much I used to love getting ready all those years ago. 

I have found one look I'm quite fond of, as I think it has a lot of impact and it reminds me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. Glitter lips are very easy to do - I hope you like them!

How To Get Red Glitter Lips:
You will need:
- Lip salve (to prep the lips)
- Red lip liner/lipstick (to act as a base)
- Loose red glitter
- Lipcote (to seal the glitter)
- A lip brush
- A surface to mix on

1) Begin by prepping the lips with a good lip salve an hour before application, as this look will leave your lips drier than normal.

2) Apply a red lipstick or lipliner. This will act as a really good base to cover any patchy areas of glitter.

NOTE: If you want to avoid fall out from the glitter and you want the look to last, a lip cote is essential. I've found if I just use glitter at this stage without it, it tends to fall all over my chin when I'm applying. The glitter also tends to get smudgy after half an hour on my lips and travels all over my face. I've found through trial and error the best thing to do at this stage is to mix lip cote with the glitter, and then apply it as you would a gloss.

3) I pore a few drops of lipcote onto a surface such as a makeup palette or my hand. I dip my lip brush into this lipcote, and then dip it into the glitter.

4) When the brush is coated in glitter, I apply this to my lips in a dabbing motion. This dabbing motion (as opposed to sweeping) prevents glitter fall out and it also make it really easy to build up the intensity of the glitter.

5) When I'm happy with the amount of glitter I will then apply a layer of lipcote over my entire lips. Ta-da!


This method makes the glitter last ages and I don't experience any fall out at all there is no need for tops ups. I just drink through a straw and I'm careful when I'm eating. Also avoid things like snogging (I know, I'm no fun) and you should be fine!

Em xx


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