Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hair Extensions

I know I bought a pair of extensions a million years ago from Foxylocks, but I just finally put them in today and thought I'd show you the finished look.

I'll do a fully review when I've tested them out properly but to summarise my thoughts so far: colour selection is naff but the quality is totally worth it. They needed to be cut and styled to avoid looking obviously fake (even Imogen who owns the company layers her own extensions) but alas I have no hair skills. My Mam is a hairdresser but she hasn't done anything like that in years so influencing her to get the scissors back out is always difficult! After a bit of snipping I just used a tong to curl them a bit to meet the natural waviness of my hair and voila!

I really like the way they turned out but perhaps I'll tweak the bottoms in a bit, not sure yet!
Em x

P.S I made a new blog where I'm going to be posting all things fashion-y. The link is

P.P.S I have took off the Disqus comments system because it kept crashing so I've lost all your comments from that time period. I think I answered all comments and questions but if you never saw a reply then just let me know :)!


  1. ooh i love them! colour looks much, much better than the white sample they gave you! au naturel ;) xx

  2. Your hair look amazing! Great looking extensions, they blend in wonderfully with your hair :)

  3. They look great! I really need to get some :)
    Lucy x

  4. Ah these look fab! I still need to get some! x

  5. Don’t forget to hold the attachment when brushing. If you need to use heat, use it in moderation because heat can shorten your hair’s longevity and damage the hair’s texture.


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